Gapless quality


The frequently highly complex requirements on function and reliability in medical technology not only demand accuracy, but also comprehensive knowledge of material properties, surface treatment and coating techniques.

Our experiences with branch-typical procedures such as Kolsterising, electrolytic polishing or passivation make us a reliable partner for medical technology, for example in the fields of orthopaedics, neurosurgery, radiology or minimally invasive OP technology. In particular thermal and surface treatments with special properties such as roughness depth, Brinell, Vickers or Rockwell hardness and hardness penetration depths are documented by Ziegler Präzisionsteile with all process characteristics in a traceable and gapless manner.

We process sophisticated materials such as titanium, high-strength stainless steels and plastics used in medical technology such as PEEK with absolute µ-accuracy even in case of complex geometries. With the aid of a Zeiss 3-D coordinate measuring machine, we document the fit, form and positioning tolerances of the parts to 100%.

Our services for medical technology


  • Processing of all materials such as high-strength stainless steels, titanium, aluminium and plastics
  • Warehouse with commonly-used raw materials: e.g. AlMgSi1; 1.4441; 1.4404; 1.4542/1.4548; titanium; PEEK; POM
  • Surface treatments such as glass bead blasting, corundum blasting, anodization, Kolsterising, electrolytic polishing and passivation for defined properties regarding hardness penetration depth, roughness depth, Brinell hardness, Vickers hardness or Rockwell hardness
  • • Absolute traceability and documentation of material, processing procedures, surface treatments and measurement values


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