Ziegler Präzisionsteile is at home
in all high-tech branches of the
21st century.


We produce milled parts, turned/milled parts and assemblies made of metal, plastic and materials which are hard to machine, such as MNC – from prototypes right up to series production in small and medium-sized quantities. Ziegler Präzisionsteile supplies, amongst others, the following branches:

  • Medical technology
  • Motor sports
  • Aerospace
  • Sights and equipment technology
  • General mechanical engineering


Confidentiality is very important to us.


We work precise and reliable.


Our portfolio includes renowned customers from all over the globe.

It couldn’t be more accurate: Machining in medical technology


For medical technology, Ziegler Präzisionsteile produces drawing parts such as milled parts, turned and milled parts and assemblies in small to medium-sized series and special products in narrow tolerances to 0.01 mm.

In time for the start: drawing parts for motor sports


Ziegler Präzisionsteile manufactures milling parts and sub-assemblies for renowned national and international racing teams as well as suppliers. We process all customary materials like titanium, high-strenght aluminium or high-strenght steel. Our clients rely on our excellent product quality just as much as on our punctual delivery.

Ready for take off: drawing parts for aviation and aerospace


Ziegler Präzisionsteile manufactures milling parts, turning-milling parts and sub-assemblies for aviation and aerospace as well as their suppliers. We process even materials that are difficult to machine like metal matrix composites, high-strenght steel, titanium alloys or nickel alloys. Ziegler ist certified according to DIN ISO 9001 and DIN ISO 9100.

Micron-range precision for machined parts


For the optical and appliance industry Ziegler Präzisionsteile manufactures small and medium series. During the development stage we produce samples and prototypes with the required documentation. Cleaning and anodising of sensitive surfaces is of course part of our daily business.

We score high when it comes to flexibility and branch expertise


For machine builders Ziegler Präzisionsteile manufactures prototypes as well as small and medium series with dimensions up to 1000 x 1000 mm. Our production facilities house 3 axis machines as well as 5 axis centers for the machining of complex parts in a single setup.