Adherence to deadlines is the top priority


In racing, the action is not only on the track. As a supplier, we too often have to react at lightning speed to ensure that the required milled parts and assemblies arrive on time. As a rule, an offer is prepared within two to three hours during the high season.

The highly stressed drawing parts in motorsport require accuracy in all respects. Our experience in the processing of demanding materials such as titanium, 15CDV6 or MMC, in conjunction with our air-conditioned rooms, guarantees µ-precise machining even with complex geometries. Using a Zeiss 3-D coordinate measuring machine, the fit, form and bearing tolerances of the milled parts and assemblies are 100% documented.

Our services for motorsport


  • Machining of all common materials such as metal matrix composites, high-strength aluminium, high-strength steels, titanium, 15CDV6
  • Warehouses with common racing raw materials: e.g., 7075 T6 / T7; 1.4534.4; 15CDV6; 42CrMo4
  • Surface treatments such as anodising, galvanising, nickel-plating, chromatising, hardening, kolsterising, etc., for defined properties in terms of hardening depth, surface roughness, Brinell, Vickers or Rockwell hardness
  • Absolute traceability and documentation of material, machining processes, surface treatments and measured values
  • Process-reliable single-part programming (VERICUT) through a state-of-the-art NC full block simulation, CNC programming 2 ½ and 3 D Mastercam, CAD programming SolidWorks Professional