Batch size 1+x
Prototypes and series parts


Ziegler Präzisionsteile from Georgensgmünd supplies machined parts with complex geometries in quantities from 1 including the inspection protocol and series parts and components in small and medium-sized batch sizes. We act as development partners for many of our customers. Naturally, we are available at any time for you during intensive phases of your projects, and of course we adhere 100% to set schedules.


Discretion is very important to us.


We work precisely and completely reliable.


We produce for renowned customers from all over Europe.

Precision milled parts, ready to install, from batch size 1


For over 15 years now, Ziegler Präzisionsteile GmbH has been an A-supplier for machined parts in different branches (internal link) such as medical technology, the aerospace industry, motor sports, the equipment industry, sights and general mechanical engineering. We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and DIN EN ISO 9100:2009. Our core competence lies in the field of parts production in 3-axis and 5-axis milling technology and the production of components ready for assembly including surface treatment and documentation. It is part of our daily work to clean and anodize highly-sensitive visible surfaces.

Contract manufacturing “machining and machined parts” at a glance

  • Individual parts and prototypes with complex geometries and surfaces
  • 5-axis simultaneous machining and multiple-side machining
  • Turning-milling parts with complex milling-machining, holes and threads
  • Economic 3-axis and 5-axis machining
  • Series parts (small and medium-sized series)
  • Maximum traverse paths: 1250 X1250 Y500 Z500
  • Large spectrum of materials for sophisticated branches such as motor sports, medical technology, equipment technology: metal matrix composites, steel, titanium, aluminium, copper, plastics, carbon fibre, etc.
  • Component assembly (internal link)
  • Surface machining and thermal treatments such as high-gloss polishing, glass bead blasting, sandblasting, laser inscription, hardening, quenching and tempering, laser welding, coating, painting, galvanising
  • Part cleaning and cleanroom packaging

Component assembly acc. parts list


As an extended workbench, we not only take on the drawing-related production of milled parts and turned parts, but also deal with the complete component assembly including the procurement of material and purchased parts acc. parts list. The advantage for you: more streamlined procurement processes, flexible capacity extensions and more time for your core business.

Contract manufacturing “component assembly” at a glance


  • Part production acc. customer drawing including material procurement
  • Procurement of purchased parts acc. parts list
  • Component assembly with own and purchased parts

Claw mounts for telescopic sights


What use are the best rifles and telescopic sights if the weapons and sights are not absolutely accurately connected with each other? Using the ZP claw mounts, Ziegler Präzisionsteile has transferred the advantages of the traditional Suhler design into a completely new part geometry. In connection with selected materials, high-precision production and extremely careful surface treatments, a telescopic sight assembly has been created which is second to none in terms of repeat accuracy, simplicity and lifetime.

The product spectrum for telescopic sight assembly:


  • Suhler ZP claw mount
  • Suhler ZP counter-claw mount (assembly for telescopic sights on repeating rifles or drop barrel guns)
  • ZP Docter Sight claw mount

Ziegler Präzisionsteile machinery


Hermle is frequently called the “Mercedes of the milling machines”. In our state of the art machinery collection, seven 5-axis milling-machining centres by the machine tool manufacturer from Baden-Württemberg are a visible sign of our high standards of flexibility, quality and precision.

The current List of machinery as PDF file to download.

Milling machines and milling-machining centres


  • 2 x 5-axis milling-machining centre HERMLE C40 X850 Y700 Z500
  • 3 x 5-axis milling-machining centre HERMLE C42 X800 Y800 Z550
  • 2 x 5-axis milling-machining centre HERMLE C30 X650 Y600 Z500
  • 4 x 4-axis milling-machining centre Haas VM3-HE X1000 Y650 Z600
  • 4 x 4-axis milling-machining centre MIKRON VCE 1250 X1250 Y500 Z500
  • 2 x conventional milling machines DECKEL with digital positioning display
  • Tool shrink fit unit KELCH i-tec XL
  • CNC tool presetting device Zoller Venturion 450 pilot 3.0
  • Tool presetting device PWP Swiss Toolmaster 250

Machines for subsequent processes


  • 2 x pillar drilling machines ALZMETALL MK3
  • 2 x screw-cutting and bar lathes 160 diameter, 800 mm centre width
  • Band saw THOMAS cutting width max. 350 mm
  • Inscription laser BAUBLYS BL 65i, Laser type YAG/65 Watts, CNC-controlled
  • Positioning table X600 Y220, inscription field: max. 110×110 mm
  • CNC/CAM programming, max. part size 660 x 300 x 340, inscription of all
  • common materials
  • 2 x blasting cabinets AUER for glass beads and corundum. Workspace: 800x600x500 each

Quality Management Tools in air-conditioning measuring room


  • 3D CNC coordinate measuring machine ZEISS PRISMO (Accura) X900 Y1500 Z700 with Active scanning sensor VAST XT
  • Roughness depth measuring device MITUTOYO Surftest 301
  • Roundness measuring system MITUTOYO Roundtest RA-100
  • Gauging cylinder TESA 150 mm
  • Gauging cylinder TESA 600 mm
  • Optical microscope VISION Mantis Zoom 4-20x
  • Endoscope SCHÖLLY FlexiLux 4000 LED

Software tools in Production and Administration


  • 3D CNC programming with CAD/CAM Mastercam, 1 programming station 2 ½ D and 3 programming stations 3D Collision simulation and monitoring software 5-axis VERICUT
  • 3D-CAD software SolidWorks Professional
  • Production planning software BIOS 2000 Geovision
  • Electronic document archive-documents/drawing management system
  • Security archive for confidential documents